Arthroscopic ankle surgery

Ankle arthroscopy

What is ankle arthroscopy ?

Ankle arthroscopy in Tunisia cheap priceAnkle Arthroscopy surgery involves the insertion of small surgical instruments and optical instruments into the ankle joint. Thanks to this method, it is possible to observe the inside of the joint and treat various traumas and intra-articular injuries of the ankle in a less invasive manner. It is used to detect and treat joint conditions or injuries, offering a precise and specific approach to managing ankle problems.

What are the alternatives to this technique ?

Alternatives to ankle arthroscopy may include more invasive operations such as arthrodesis, which involves fixing the joint surfaces using screws, staples or plates to the joints. This approach is used to treat serious ankle diseases, particularly in cases of advanced osteoarthritis. Arthrodesis is used to maintain joint stability by fusing adjacent bones, which helps relieve pain and improve joint function in situations where other less invasive treatments are not effective.

Why undergo this surgery ?

It is advisable to carry out arthroscopy of the ankle in order to treat various traumas and injuries to the joint, which can lead to long-term complications such as instability. Thanks to this technique, the ankle is stabilized, the joint is preserved and the risks of osteoarthritic degradation are reduced. The results obtained are promising for ankle stability and treatment of the disease.

How is this surgery carried out ?

This surgery is performed under general or regional anesthesia, generally on an outpatient basis. The aim of this minimally invasive method is to introduce small surgical instruments and an arthroscope into the ankle joint through small incisions. During the operation, the surgeon can observe the inside of the joint through a screen and treat any injuries or trauma present. The incisions are minimal, which reduces post-operative damage compared to traditional surgery.

Is it painful ?

Post-operative pain can occur after ankle arthroscopy, especially when cold weather conditions occur, which can make pain worse, especially when walking. A person who had an arthroscopy in April expressed intense pain, particularly when moving, and reported suffering from algodystrophy, a disease that manifests itself in persistent pain. It is therefore worth emphasizing that pain after surgery can differ from person to person and can be impacted by things such as weather conditions and pre-existing medical conditions.

How long is the recovery time after ankle arthroscopy ?

Approximately 6 weeks are required to recover after ankle arthroscopy. However, generally, the patient can leave the hospital within 1 to 2 days after the surgery. It is essential to follow the instructions after surgery, and complete recovery can take between 3 and 4 months, or even longer in the event of complications or more complex surgery.

What are the advantages ?

Ankle arthroscopy offers multiple important benefits. Not only does this minimally invasive procedure help reduce damage to surrounding tissues, but it also helps reduce pain after surgery and speed up the healing process. By providing an accurate diagnosis, it facilitates a thorough assessment of the cause of joint problems, which facilitates specific and targeted treatment to achieve optimal results. Additionally, ankle arthroscopy is frequently performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to go home the same day, promoting faster recovery. Ultimately, the small incisions leave minimal scarring which improves aesthetic results, providing patients with a surgical approach that is both effective and aesthetically optimal.

Are there any risks associated with this surgery ?

Indeed, there are dangers associated with ankle arthroscopy. These dangers can include problems such as joint pain, infections, difficulty healing, joint effusion, and in rarer situations, nerve damage that can cause part of the skin to become anesthetized. Despite the rarity of these risks, it is essential to consider them when making a decision regarding this surgical procedure.


In short, ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed under general or regional anesthesia. It offers precise vision and treatment of intra-articular ankle injuries. There are several benefits of using this method, such as minimal incisions, faster recovery, specific treatment, accurate diagnosis, and reduced scarring. However, it is possible for dangers such as joint pain, infections, or healing problems to occur, although this rarely happens. It is crucial to discuss these elements with your doctor in order to make an informed decision regarding the relevance of ankle arthroscopy.