Buttock augmentation with implants

Buttock Augmentation by Prostheses

Who is buttock augmentation for?

buttock augmentation by prostheses tunisia price cheap priceThere are 2 main scenarios:
The buttocks lacking projection, even flat, which notably lacks filling on the upper part, presenting a " hollow of the kidneys” not marked enough.
The drooping buttock, by progressive phenomenon of ptosis, often accompanied by a progressive flattening of the buttock at the top in favor of the lower part.
It is common to find, especially after the age of 40, both problems in the same patient. The flat and drooping buttocks require a combination of a lift and an augmentation.

What are the possible interventions to inflate the buttocks?

Three main techniques exist:
The gluteal implants in very cohesive silicone gel or prostheses of buttocks, round or oval, placed, through a 5 cm inter-gluteal incision, inside the gluteus maximus muscle; it is a reliable and stable method, which allows a real increase. This is my go-to method.
Lipofilling (injection of one's own fat) requires removal of adipose tissue by puncture and cannot be performed in very thin women; this method using the patient's own cells has the advantage of perfect tolerance, its defect is the random percentage of fat that will melt within 6 months, between 30 and 50% and, consequently, the reduced limits of the increase volume.
Injections of resorbable gel of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane) which allow to make a custom increase; this attractive method remains expensive. This is an alternative to consider.

Can we raise the buttocks by inflating them with prostheses?

No, definitely not. It is even strongly discouraged to perform an isolated gluteal augmentation on a gluteal ptosis. We risk ending up with a buttock with 2 floors separated by a hollow with a double contour, a round part that is too high and a low part that hangs below. The correct technique is to perform a facelift, possibly associated with the placement of implants.

How is a buttock lift performed?

On expression wrinkles that gradually appear due to the permanent action of the mimic muscles

Can we lift the buttocks?

It consists of removing a crescent of skin under the buttock, straddling the natural fold pre- existing. A new sub-gluteal groove is then created, anchoring this area deeply. It is a so-called subgluteal lift derived from Brazilian techniques.

What type of anesthesia can be used and how long is the hospital stay?

You have the choice between general anesthesia and an epidural. Hospitalization is 24 to 72 hours.