Allurion® Gastric Balloon

Allurion® Gastric Balloon - Swallowable Capsule

What is the Allurion® gastric balloon?

Allurion Gastric Balloon Installation in Tunisia cheap priceThe Allurion® gastric balloon is a medical device that allows you to lose weight without surgery. It comes in the form of a capsule to swallow, then, to become a gastric balloon, is filled with water in the stomach by a Gastroenterologist. It is the only gastric balloon that does not require endoscopy or anesthesia for its installation and removal. Once filled in the stomach, the balloon takes up space and helps you feel full, which allows you to eat better and less, while adopting good, lasting habits. The Allurion® balloon is programmed to last approximately 16 weeks. After this period, the balloon is reabsorbed and is eliminated by natural channels. The Allurion® gastric balloon is a safer option, with fewer side effects, and has a significantly lower intolerance rate than 12-month endoscopic balloons.

Is the capsule easy to swallow?

The Allurion gastric balloon capsule is easy to swallow. Simply swallow a small capsule which contains the deflated balloon with a catheter at the end.
We are aware that swallowing the balloon or gag reflex may cause concern for some people. However, it is important to note that approximately 99.99% of patients are able to swallow the capsule without difficulty. If you have difficulty swallowing it on your own, your doctor can help you by gently guiding the capsule down using the stiffened catheter. Performing this procedure quickly minimizes the risk of provoking the gag reflex and the balloon is quickly placed in the stomach.

What are the components and how to manage?

Allurion Gastric Balloon Pack in Tunisia cheap price A state-of-the-art gastric balloon, formerly called an "Elipse Balloon", will be placed in your stomach and checked using X-rays .
The Allurion Balance and Allurion Health Tracker watch are linked to the Allurion mobile app, allowing you to track your progress.
We provide you with a team of specialists dedicated to supporting you in your personalized nutrition and fashion change program of life.

How does it take place?

Installation of the Allurion gastric balloon is done during a quick outpatient consultation lasting less than 20 minutes. This innovative device does not require endoscopy or anesthesia for its installation or removal. All you have to do is swallow a capsule containing the deflated balloon using a catheter. Once its presence in your stomach is confirmed by an x-ray, it is filled with water using a catheter. A second x-ray is then taken to check that the balloon is correctly filled.

Is it more effective than diet alone?

Absolutely ! By using the Allurion ball in addition to strict weight loss programs, you can lose almost 2.5 times more weight than programs that focus solely on weight loss, over a period of 16 weeks. One study found that 17% of patients who followed an intensive weight loss program in combination with the Allurion Ball managed to lose more than 20% of their total weight! Compared to a diet alone, the Allurion balloon offers better results, because it reduces the feeling of hunger, provides a feeling of satiety more quickly after meals, and avoids the cravings and hunger attacks often felt during a classic diet.

How much weight can you lose?

Effectively ! Clinical studies reveal that, following approximately 16 weeks of the Allurion Program, patients manage to lose on average between 10 to 15% of their total body weight. If you want to continue your weight loss, it is even possible to place a second ball after completing the first program.

After ball placement can you quickly return to your normal activities?

After the placement, you can return to your usual activities. However, you may experience some temporary symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps for a few days. Your healthcare professional will be able to provide you with advice on the precautions to take, the dietary program to follow after the procedure, as well as the best approach to return to your physical activities, including sports and exercises.

Is it possible to combine the Allurion Program with a weight loss medication such as Saxenda®?

Many Allurion program participants achieve their weight loss goals by following this program alone. However, it is possible for some people to combine other therapies, such as weight loss medications, into their approach. Studies have shown promising weight loss results when these therapies are combined.
In a recent study, it was found that 92% of patients achieved their goals by following the Allurion Program alone. Among those who added the drug Saxenda® (liraglutide) to the program, they lost an average of nearly 19% of their total body weight after about four months of combined treatment, and no serious side effects were reported. Another study showed that patients who combined the Allurion Program with oral semaglutide lost an average of more than 18% of their weight.
Overall, these studies demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of the combination therapy, showing its potential to improve the results and durability of weight loss in some people following the Allurion Program.

What are the advantages ?

The Allurion Capsule Gastric Balloon has several benefits for weight loss, including:
Non-surgical procedure: Unlike bariatric surgery, Allurion balloon placement does not require incisions or general anesthesia, which reduces the risks associated with the surgical procedure.
Comfortable: The balloon capsule is swallowed in pill form, meaning no endoscopic intervention is required. necessary to remove it.
Speed: The Allurion balloon placement procedure is relatively quick, usually completed in a few minutes.
Reversible: The balloon is temporary and can be removed after a period of time, usually after 6 months.
Helps with satiety: The balloon fills part of the stomach, which can help reduce appetite and the amount of food consumed.
Medical monitoring: Patients are generally closely monitored by healthcare professionals throughout the period when the balloon is in place, which can contribute to safer and more effective results.
Suitable for certain candidates: The Allurion balloon may be an option for overweight people who are not candidates for bariatric surgery.

What are the potential side effects?

Allurion balloon placement may be associated with a variety of potential side effects, although most of these are temporary and usually go away after a brief adjustment period. Common side effects may include:
Nausea: Nausea is common during the first few days after balloon placement, but tends to lessen over time .
Vomiting: Some patients may experience vomiting initially, particularly if overeating.
Feeling of fullness: The balloon fills part of the stomach, which can cause an early feeling of fullness, sometimes uncomfortable.
Abdominal pain: Mild to moderate abdominal pain is common, but it usually goes away after a few days.
Gastroesophageal reflux disease: Some patients may experience symptoms of acid reflux.
Changes in eating habits: The ability to eat may be reduced, which may require adjustments in eating habits .
Intolerance to certain foods: Certain foods may be poorly tolerated in the presence of the balloon.

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