Colon surgery

Colon surgery

Definition of colon surgery

colon colon cancer surgery tunisia price cheap priceColon surgery is necessary for malignant diseases (colon cancers) or for benign diseases (sigmoid diverticulosis). The principle of this surgery is to remove a segment of colon and restore continuity (sewing the two ends end to end). In case of failure or impossibility to connect the remaining colon, the surgeon may be forced to perform a colostomy (artificial anus or "pocket").

Right colectomy

Right colectomy consists of the removal of the right half of the colon. It can be done conventionally or by laparoscopy. The risks are, during the operation, an accidental lesion of the duodenum or the right urete, and after the operation, a disunity of the suture.

Left colectomy

This time it's about removing the left half of the colon. The laparoscopic technique is more often used than for right colectomy. The risks of this operation are, during the operation, an attack on the spleen or the left ureter, and afterwards, as for the right colectomy, a disunion of the suture.

Intervention by Hartmann

This type of operation is performed urgently in cases of severe peritonitis. In this case, the local situation (peritonitis) does not allow sutures to be made between the two colonic extremities. The making of a pocket is obligatory (artificial anus). This "digestive mutilation" is most often temporary. A restoration of digestive continuity is possible in the more or less long term.

Colostomy closure

This term includes several very different situations. The simple closure of colostomy consists of closing a lateral opening on the colon which has been made temporarily to divert the materials. In this case, the intervention takes place locally and lasts less than an hour. If it is a question of restoring continuity after an intervention by Hartmann, the intervention is much heavier. The colonic circuit is interrupted and a segment is missing which must be replaced by another. It is a major intervention that lasts a minimum of 2 hours 30 minutes.
For these commonly performed procedures:
Right colectomy.
Left colectomy.
Intervention by Hartmann.
Colostomy closure.