Spine surgery

Spine surgery


Spine surgery Tunisia price cheap priceSpine surgery is a distinct branch of medicine, segmented between neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. It is mainly aimed at pathologies of the spine such as injuries and traumas (fractures), malformations, deviations (scoliosis, herniated disc), tumors and degenerative pathologies, such as osteoarthritis.

When is spinal surgery necessary?

In most cases, back pain is treated without surgery. Physiotherapy and pain therapy are usually helpful. However, if sensory disturbances or even paralysis occur and the bladder can no longer be controlled, this is an emergency and immediate examination by the doctor or at the clinic is necessary.

How is a back operation performed?

The surgical method is chosen by the surgeon depending on the clinical picture. Minor interventions are performed with minimally invasive surgery, the most important corrections require open surgery.

How long does the patient stay in the clinic after back surgery?

The length of stay at the clinic depends on the type of surgery and the patient's healing process. In most cases, patients stay in the clinic for up to five days, and then they can go home or go to a rehabilitation center.

What should I pay attention to after spinal surgery?

During the first few weeks, it is good to avoid heavy lifting and carrying. Muscles are rebuilt with physiotherapy. Wound healing takes time. After about six months the back can be fully charged again.

Does the pain go away after back surgery?

Surgery does not guarantee a pain-free life. The surgeon assesses in advance whether the surgery is worthwhile. The intervention makes sense if there is a possibility of improving the symptoms.