CVs of surgeons

|     Total Confirmed 1.052.180|     Total deaths 28.691|     People hospitalized 29|     Total tests 4.674.032|     Total doses vaccinated 13.192.714|     New cases 5.477|     New deaths 21|     New tests 15.752|    ***     More informations here     ***

Clinic surgeons


Doctor BEN MANSOUR Zouheir

 Order number at the council of doctors 4792.
 Full-time free practice surgeon in Tunis.
 Experience: 27 years.


 Diploma in laparoscopic surgery - Bordeaux II University.
 Diploma in surgical anatomy - Bordeaux II University.
 Former attached surgeon of Bordeaux Hospitals.
 Former teacher in laparoscopic surgery DETERCA - University of Bordeaux II.
 Former Public Health Surgeon.
 Free practice surgeon.


 Obesity surgery (ring, sleeve, bypass).
 Thyroid Surgery.
 Paroscopic colorectal surgery.
 Gastroesophageal reflux surgery by laparoscopy.
 Laparoscopic liver, bile duct and pancreas surgery.
 Parietal surgery (Hernia, Eventration, Dermolipectomy.)
 Proctologic surgery.

Doctor BEN ALAYA Yassine

 Born on 04/11/1970 in Tunis (TUNISIA)

Study and Diploma

1988 - Scientific baccalaureate with honors.
1993 - Graduated in medicine.
1995 - Success in the Tunisian national residency competition.
2000 - State doctorate degree in medicine.
2001 - University degree in "diseases of the spine" Bordeaux - France Victor Segalen Faculty of Medicine, Bordeaux II.
2002 - State Diploma of Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology - Faculty of Medicine of Tunis.
2002/2003 - Postgraduate interuniversity courses and diploma in arthroscopy Paris, France .
2004 - Master in Sports Medicine.

Professional experience in the private sector since 2009

Weekly activity average:
 120 to 150 outpatients.
 Traumatic surgery for 5 to 10 patients.
 50 to 70 total knee and hip replacements per year.
 60 to 70 Minor arthroscopic lesion.
 20 ​​to 30 shoulder arthroscopy.
 15 to 25 Spine surgery, herniated disc, narrowing of the lumbar canal and cervical canal.

Hospital Internships

2003/2005 - 2-year internship in general medicine with the following impairments:
 Department of maxillofacial and aesthetic surgery - At the CHU Charles Nicolle-Tunis.
 Department of Urology and Nephrological Surgery - At La Rabta-Tunis University Hospital.
 Department of Pediatrics - At the Children's Hospital of Tunis.
 Obstetrics Gynecology Department - At Aziza Othmana-Tunis Hospital.
 Pulmonology and Allergology Department - At the military hospital in Tunis.
 Radiology Department - At the military hospital in Tunis.
1996/2000 - 4-year residency in orthopedic and trauma surgery in the following departments:
 Department of General Surgery - At La Rabta-Tunis Hospital, one semester.
 Children's Orthopedic Department - At the Children's Hospital of Tunis, one semester.
 Department of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Plastic Surgery - At Aziza Othmana Hospital- Tunis, 4 semesters.
 Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology - At Nabeul University Hospital, two semesters.

Professional experience

2001/2003 - 3 years internship in France:
 One-year internship at the Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux in spine surgery, under the supervision of Professor Jean-Marc Vital.
 Two-year internship at the Longjumeau Hospital in the orthopedic and traumatological surgery department, under the supervision of Professor Christophe LeFèvre, as part of the specialist diploma in orthopedic and traumatological surgery in Paris.
2004 - National military service as a provisional army doctor Tunis Hospital.
2004/2006 - Medical specialist in public health in orthopedic surgery and traumatology in Tunisian hospitals.
2007/2008 - Consulting doctor, expert in orthopedic and trauma surgery with the Qatari Armed Forces.
Since 2009 - Specialist in orthopedic and trauma surgery in the private sector.
2009/2014 - Consulting doctor, expert in orthopedic and trauma surgery at private clinics in BENGHAZI, Libya.

Member of Scientific Societies

SOTCOT - Tunisian Society of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery.
TSASS - The Tunisian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Surgery.

Doctor GHEDIRA Atef

 Doctor Atef Ghedira is a surgeon specializing in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.
 His exemplary academic and professional background guarantees that you are in the hands of a seasoned specialist who will adapt intervention to your specific needs.
 Dr. Ghedira will direct you to the procedure that is best suited for you without ever forcing your hand. A consultation will allow him to determine if the desired intervention is feasible as well as the extent of the work to be carried out.

Degrees and Qualifications

Dr. Atef Ghedira's academic record is one of the most prestigious:
 Doctorate of State in Medicine (Faculty of Medicine of Tunis).
 Specialist in restorative, plastic and aesthetic surgery (Tunis Faculty of Medicine).
 Inter-University Diploma in Hand and Upper Limb Surgery (Paris VI University).
 Inter-University Diploma in Microsurgical Techniques (Paris 13 University/school of surgery).
 Inter-University Diploma in Reconstructive Surgery in precarious situations (Paris VI University).
 Inter-University Diploma in injection techniques, fillers and aesthetic medicine from the University of Paris -Descartes (Paris V University).