Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Quote request

The clinic will process your request and send you your personalized quote by email, once you have completed and sent the Pre Consultation Form , which must be accompanied by your photos.

Your quote

After receiving your form, the clinic will send you the exact quote for your medical trip.
The quote will include:
All the services you request (medical services, makeovers, tourism, extension of stay).
Complete surgical intervention (anesthesia, complete haematological analyses, prostheses, post and preoperative consultations, fees for all surgeons and specialists).
Your stay in one of our 4**** Hotels with full board. - The various promotions.
Return transportation from hotels - clinics and airports - hotels.
As well as all the services you have requested in the Quotation Form.
The quote will not include:
Costs and personal expenses (drinks, mini bar, laundry, telephone, etc.)
Your travel insurance
Additional medical tests specific to each patient (cardiological tests, mammography, breast ultrasound, etc.)
The plane ticket.
Drugs whether or not related to medical treatment.

Your booking

To make the reservation of your trip, all you have to do is follow the instructions clearly explained in the section How to Plan Your Trip (Guide Step by Step).

Additional costs

If after completing your preoperative consultation, you decide to have other surgeries , or medical treatments, you will have to inform your assistant of your decision in order to modify the formula of your package and allow you to access additional services. period between 3 and 10 days (rest recommended for combined or so-called complex surgeries).

Risks and complications

Before his surgical intervention, the patient must declare to submit voluntarily to the surgery(s) and be aware of the risks that the intervention could involve. He must inform the surgeon during his first consultation of all his medical history, and ask all the necessary questions. The surgeon will have to explain in a clear and precise way the risks, and the possible complications which could cause the operation. In addition, the surgeon will have to give details relating to the anesthesia, the allergic reactions, and the process of recovery post operative.

The withdrawal

If after your first preoperative consultation, the surgeon finds that there is a physiological impediment or a high risk, the clinic may oppose any surgical intervention, and in this case will only charge the hotel costs, transport, and the various additional services. Any request for modification or cancellation before your arrival must be sent to us by email.

Patient responsibility

Prior to registration and departure, the buyer must inquire with the competent authorities : embassy, ​​consulate... police, customs and health formalities required for his trip.

The website

The clinic is committed to maintaining the anonymity of any individual who visits our site, or us will contact by other means, and reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the content of its website.