Procedures to follow

Procedures for an intervention in Tunisia

Free Quote

Before any surgical operation, an estimate must be drawn up. To receive a free quote and without obligation on your part, you are requested to complete and send the quote by line . Only well-completed reasoned requests will be taken into consideration and studied by our surgeons.
N.B: All information provided will remain strictly confidential. The pre-consultation is free and without obligation on your part.

Your Choice

Upon receipt of the form, we will send you the surgeon's diagnosis relating to your case and the quote. We will also send you the name and references of the attending surgeon. If the surgeon's decision is positive, you must observe a minimum period of 7 days for reflection before confirming your choice by signing the mutual consent document that you will give to the surgeon during your pre-consultation in Tunisia. During this reflection period, we will always remain at your disposal for any further information. Do not hesitate to contact us. This will allow you to get to know each other and have answers to any questions you may still have.

Confirmation and Reservation

Once you have decided and are convinced of your choice, you are ) to confirm your reservation by returning the Reservation form to us. Upon receipt of this form, you will receive:
A detailed plan of your stay.
Your appointments with the surgeon.
Your appointment for the operation.

Arrival at the Airport

When you arrive at Tunis Carthage airport, you will be greeted by an assistant from the clinic, who will ensure your transfer to the clinic.You will benefit from efficient and discreet service from qualified staff who speak your language perfectly.Our representative will answer all your questions.He will take care of reconfirmation of your return flight and will remain attentive to your requests.

Preoperative Consultation

An appointment with your surgeon is arranged the same day or the day after your arrival. preoperative assessment (blood and possibly cardiological and radiographic) can be requested before this preoperative consultation. The file thus constituted will allow the doctor to check your motivations and your expectations and to explain the modalities of the intervention to you. The preoperative consultation will be closed by submitting the mutual consent document signed by you (Download here).


Payment must cover the total cost (stay, transfer, assistance, airport tax, insurance , intervention). It is carried out after decision-making, that is to say after the pre-operative consultation of the surgeon.

The intervention

The operation will take place the day after your preoperative consultation with your surgeon (usually the day after your arrival).The clinic representative will accompany you on the day of the operation to the clinic to facilitate the admission and reception procedure.


A clinic representative will transfer you from the clinic to your hotel. will assist you during this period of convalescence at the hotel and will take care of organizing your postoperative consultation with your surgeon as well as all the necessary care.

Post-operative follow-up

Early follow-upFirst aid will be provided within three to six days following the operation.An some care is needed. They can be provided by a nurse, the surgeon's assistant or by the surgeon himself in the clinic. On the 6th day, nothing is yet perfect but the result is beginning to take shape. this period that a consultation with the surgeon is necessary.

The return

The clinic will provide your private car transfer to Tunis Carthage airport. , do not hesitate to keep in touch with us or your surgeon by phone or email. Your point of view is a testimony that will always be of great value to us.