Medical team

Clinic medical team


Ensure the hygiene of the instrumentation and equipment, the routine maintenance of equipment and premises.
Collaborate in preventive and curative care.
Manage inventory and supplies.
Collaborate in the quality of the stay (reception, installation, safety and protection of the patient).

The nurses

Provide patient care on medical prescription.
Provide specific acts (resuscitation, wake-up monitoring) as well as acts of prevention and education .
Are responsible for monitoring patients.
Complete nursing records, ensure accuracy and maintain confidentiality of information.

The supervisor of the operating room

Ensures the planning, organization and management of interventions within the operating room as well as the liaison between the administration and the various stakeholders.
Coordinates block activities.


Take care of patients with one or more distresses of their vital organs.
Ensure post-operative follow-up in collaboration with the surgeon and actively fight against post-operative pain.
Practice general and loco-regional anesthesia techniques equally & Coordinate and lead the paramedical teams.