Ceramic dental veneers


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dental veneer

Dental veneer

fdental acette tunisia price cheap priceDental veneers change the shade, shape, size and to some extent the position of the teeth.

Advantages of ceramic dental veneers

Very little grinding of the tooth.
The tooth stays alive.
After the size of the teeth, an impression is taken for the realization in the laboratory of the definitive dental facets, which will be posed within 4 to 7 days. During this time, one poses temporary facets allowing to lead a whole life totally normal.

Dental Care Prices Tunisia

Dental surgery interventionLength of stayNumber of staysAll taxes included price
Without stay
Dental implant 122450 €
Dental implant + Ceramic crown 122900 €
Sinus lift  41900 €
Dental veneer71265 €
Teeth whitening
(Laser Zoom II)
 41350 €
CrownsCeramic ceramic41320 €
Metal ceramic41240 €
Removable resin prosthesis (one jaw)41400 €
Core or abutment inlays  
 60 €
Stellate (one jaw)41400 €
Fin bridge  250 €
Bridge on three teeth  390 €
Denture on two implants1222500 €
Denture on four implants1224100 €