Treatment of anal fistula

anal fistula

Hospitalization due to an anal fistula

fistula analetunisie price cheap priceHospitalization can be scheduled or urgent if the fistula is complicated by an abscess.
The patient is showered the day before the operation. Advice is given to him by the nursing staff concerning the hygiene of the perineum which will be the key to good healing.

Anal fistula surgery procedure

The operation is performed in one or more stages depending on whether or not there is a fistulous tract. If it is a simple abscess, the cavity will be left open with the placement of a wick of Algosteril to be changed every day. If there is a fistulous path that connects the anal margin and the rectum, the surgical technique will consist of placing a rubber band in this path to drain the infected area and avoid the formation of an abscess.
The procedure lasts on average one hour. After waking up, the patient is infused for one to two days with painkillers and sometimes antibiotics. Locally the wound oozes and may bleed especially during the first two days. Food is resumed as soon as the patient fully wakes up the same evening of the operation.

Operative follow-up to anal fistula surgery

The next day the patient is advised to get up as long as he does not have too much badly to allow a faster resumption of transit. The infusion is removed and painkillers are given by mouth. Locally, so that the healing takes place quickly without recurrence, we recommend the use of the hand shower and washing with lukewarm water before changing the wick and after each saddle.
Discharge is possible as soon as the pain has subsided, the wound is clean and non-inflammatory and the care can be effectively taken care of at home by a city nursing team.
An early appointment (within 15 days of discharge) with the surgeon is useful to monitor the healing of the wound. An enriched diet will improve the quality of recovery and the healing itself.