Elbow Fracture Treatment

elbow fracture

Elbow Fracture Definition

Treatment of fractured elbow in TunisiaElbow fracture is common in the elderly, even in cases of minor trauma. The clinical signs are pain, swelling and inability to move the upper limb. X-ray confirms the clinical diagnosis .

Orthopedic treatment of elbow fracture

In the event of a non-displaced fracture, the upper limb is immobilized “elbow to the body” for three months. After bone consolidation, the immobilization is removed, rehabilitation can begin.

Steering osteosynthesis

The procedure takes place in the operating room under strictly aseptic conditions. The patient benefited from the skin preparation for use in the room before being taken to the operating room. It can be done under general anesthesia, or locoregional anesthesia. The incision is made on the posterior side of the elbow, along the fracture to visualize it. After reducing the fracture, the surgeon places the osteosynthesis material: two pins and then cord or metal strapping. The upper limb is immobilized with an elbow splint for a month and a half. After consolidation, the splint is removed and rehabilitation to regain mobility of the elbow is started. The osteosynthesis material is removed 6 to 9 months later.