Chin surgery

Chin Surgery (Genioplasty)

What is a genioplasty?

genioplasty chin surgery tunisia price cheap priceGenioplasty or cosmetic intervention of the chin consists of advancing a chin that is too small or receding by adding a silicone or coral prosthesis.


This intervention consists in modifying the volume of the chin, in particular in the case of receding chin, by l adding a prosthesis.

The pre-operative

During the preoperative consultation, a careful analysis of the photos and the proportions of the different 1/3 of the face, and we will define the size of the prosthesis. The extent of the pre-operative assessment will be defined during the pre-operative consultation. Taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs will be suspended for 10 days prior to the operation.

Type of anesthesia

In the case where the genioplasty is not associated with a rhinoplasty local anesthesia with sedation will be sufficient. In the case of association with a rhinoplasty (profiloplasty) we will opt for a general anesthesia.

How is it going?

The prosthesis can be introduced either intraorally from an incision of a few cm. Either by an incision at the level of the fold under the chin. A modeling dressing using adhesive strips will be applied and maintained for 8 days.

What are the postoperative consequences?

During the first 8 days the patient will practice antiseptic mouthwashes after each meal. of the first 5 days will be liquid then pasty.


It appears as soon as the bandages are removed. The final result will appear after the first month after the oedemas have disappeared. The return to social life can be considered after 8 days.