Breast reduction in men - Gynecomastia

What is the cause of excess volume?

gynecomastia chest man tunisia price cheap priceIt is common for a man to have a more developed chest than normal. The masculine aspect of the chest is then replaced by the presence of more or less developed breasts. It can range from a simple prominence behind the nipples to actual female breasts. The technical term for this problem is gynecomastia. This deformation of the chest can be the cause of psychological disturbances. In the vast majority of cases, there is no cause found. Sometimes it is due to chemical substances (certain drugs, anabolic steroids, marijuana, alcohol...) or to a hormonal imbalance. In other cases, it appears during puberty and persists into adulthood; it is then called "physiological pubertal gynecomastia".

What is the principle of gynecomastia?

Most often, the procedure consists of a simple liposuction of the breasts. Sometimes this requires completing the liposuction by removing the excess mammary gland, usually through a small incision concealed in the areola. As each case is different, the procedure best suited to your case will be chosen with your surgeon. It is also important that your surgeon explains to you the possible complications of the chosen technique in your case.

Which anesthesia?

Anesthesia is general or local with an infusion.

How long should we stay at the clinic?

One night.

Can the breasts be lifted by the placement of prostheses alone?

No, but a breast that falls slightly and is emptied on its upper part can benefit from augmentation by prosthesis and give the visual impression of having been lifted, its upper edge being noticeably raised. In addition, a large prosthesis can slightly stretch the skin and raise the breast, but this effect is not long-lasting, the added weight causing the breast to fall gradually.

When will professional activities resume?

Two to seven days. However, your recovery time depends on the type of procedure performed and your body's natural ability to recover.

Do you feel pain after the procedure?

The pain is usually moderate and easily relieved by analgesics. In practice, it depends on the type of intervention your case requires.

Should we wear special clothing after the procedure?

Yes, a girdle is prescribed for 10 days. It will be removed during showers.

Should we stop sport?

Quitting upper body sports is recommended for one month. It is also not recommended to carry heavy loads for the same duration. "If it hurts, I don't do it".

Should we quit smoking before and after breast surgery?

Smoking can increase the risk of respiratory tract infection and may reduce the rate of healing. Smoking can also increase your risk of having an infection in the operated areas. If you smoke, we will ask you to stop smoking in the weeks before and after your procedure.

In conclusion

Breast reduction in a man is a popular procedure that gives a more masculine chest and which helps to develop self-confidence. Most men agree that the intervention has had a positive impact on their lives.