Hymenoplasty surgery


The hymen anatomical state

The hymenoplasty is claimed by the young woman who has lost her virginity. Frequent request by socio-cultural or even religious necessity. The consequences for this young girl can be very serious on a personal and family level. Discretion protecting the applicant is mandatory.

Hymenoplasty, surgical procedures

Hymenoplasty, surgical procedures; fortunately they are simple, under local anesthesia, briskly suturing the edges of the remnants of the hymen. The surgical freshening of the edges is continued until obtaining their peroperative bleeding, failing which Hymenoplasty will prove to be insufficient and uncertain. The edges of the hymen having been thus revived are then finely sutured by a transparent thread with slow resorption. Better, practice the suture in two planes. Very often the surgeon performs an overcorrection to comfort and reassure his frightened patient by an intervention that would not last in time or that it would not then be marked by the fateful nuptial bleeding.

Hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy

Hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy designate the same intervention, namely the repair of the deflowered hymen, an intervention always feasible from the remains of the hymen or as needed by mobilizing and suturing fragments of the vaginal mucosa close by.

Hymenoplasty (Practical operating data)

Very short presence in the clinic. Under local anesthesia. The procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes. Wild discretion. The intervention takes place as during a gynecological examination, therefore consisting of a careful brightening of the edges of the remains of the hymen followed by their suturing using slow resorption threads certainly allowing healing without leaving a visible trace. After a few minutes of rest and a light snack, the patient can go to her activities the same day!

What type of anesthesia?

Under local or general anesthesia. A good test, for those who are relaxed during a gynecological examination, is easily covered by local anesthesia; for the girl who is much too stressed, it is then necessary to resort to a light anesthesia or to a neurolept-analgesia.

Duration of results?

Until further defloration, knowing that hymen repair will persist until further relationships.