Arm lift

Arm lift

What is the principle ?

arm lift tunisia price cheap priceThe principle of the intervention is simple. This intervention is intended to refine the arms by tightening the excess skin. It is therefore intended for patients who essentially have arms with flabby skin with or without excess fat. These are mainly patients with arm sequelae from massive weight loss, or thin patients whose arms have unsightly excess skin.

Where are the scars?

They are placed under the arms and are therefore very inconspicuous. So that they cannot be seen from the front or from the back, but only if you look under the arms. They go from the armpit to the elbow. These scars often frighten patients but are most often very discreet.

How long does an arm lift last?

It lasts an hour to an hour and a half.

What are the risks of surgery?

Hematoma: This is a collection of blood in the arm that usually occurs within 24 hours of surgery. This complication may sometimes require reoperation.
Infection: It usually occurs from the 3rd day, the area surrounding the scar becoming red and painful. The treatment is most often local with dressings that will cleanse the wound.

Is an arm lift painful?

This intervention is not classically painful. It is limited to an uncomfortable tension in the days following the intervention.

When can we resume our normal activities?

All arm movements are possible a few days after the procedure. Resuming normal activity is possible after this time.

After how long can you start exercising again?

The practice of sport will only be resumed after one month, to allow healing without problems.

Why an arm lift and not liposuction without scarring ransom?

The arm lift is reserved for patients with excess skin on the arm associated or not with excess fat. When there is excess fat without excess skin, the appropriate treatment is simple liposuction.