Thigh lift

Thigh lift

What is the principle?

Internal thigh lift Tunisia price cheap priceMore and more women are concerned about the appearance of their thighs. Sagging thigh skin is considered a sign of aging. It is sometimes secondary to significant weight loss. This sagging skin on the thighs is often associated with excess fat. Thigh lift (the technical term for which is “crural lift” or “thigh dermolipectomy”) corrects sagging skin on the thighs removing excess skin and fat. This technique gives younger thighs. Many patients resort to this procedure after significant weight loss.

Is there a scar?

Yes, there are 2 types of scars possible depending on the size of the amount of skin to be remove :
Either a scar hidden in the crease of the groin is the concentric inner thigh lift indicated in case of moderate excess skin since it only acts on the upper part of the thigh.
Either a vertical scar over the entire height of the inner thigh: this technique is effective on any the length of the thigh but the scar is visible. It is therefore above all indicated after massive weight loss resulting in very significant excess skin.

Which anesthesia?

Anesthesia is usually general. In some cases, local anesthesia with infusion is possible.

How long should we stay at the clinic?

Two nights.

When will professional activities resume?

One week after the lift of the thighs in case of scar hidden in the folds of the groin; 2 to 3 weeks in case of vertical scar. However, your recovery time depends on your body's natural ability to recover.

Do you feel pain after the procedure?

The pain is usually moderate and relieved by analgesics. During the procedure, your surgeon injects a local anesthetic into the operated areas which numbs the operated areas for several hours.

When can you take the first shower after the procedure?

A shower is recommended the day after the procedure.

Should we wear special clothing after the procedure?

No, no special clothing is recommended as it would be uncomfortable and could damage the scars. The scars are covered by a light bandage for 24 to 48 hours and then they must be left in the air. A drying lotion is prescribed for application to the scars.

Should we stop sport?

Stopping sports is recommended for 6 weeks.
"If it hurts, I don't do it".

Should the treated areas be massaged or creams applied after the procedure?

A drying lotion is prescribed for application on the scars.

Should we quit smoking before and after?

Smoking can increase the risk of respiratory tract infection and may reduce the rate of healing. Smoking can also increase your risk of infection and necrosis of the operated areas. If you smoke, we will ask you to quit completely in the weeks before and the weeks after your procedure.