Forehead lift

Forehead lift

What is a forehead lift?

brow lift tunisia price cheap priceThe intervention aims to correct the fall of the forehead and eyebrows, performing: in the case of an endoscopic lifting 4 to 6 small incisions of 1 to 2 cm in the scalp and in the case of a classic forehead lift the incision will be from one ear to the other hidden in the scalp. The goal is to take off, the frontal region and the temples, to weaken the muscles responsible wrinkles then to reposition the tissues, and maintain them by deep fixation. The forehead lift can be associated if necessary with an aesthetic correction of the eyelids (blepharoplasty) or lifting cervico-facial (face and neck lift).


It gives a boost to the look by raising the tail of the other eyebrow part will be processed at the same time:
Sagging forehead and horizontal wrinkles.
Sagging eyebrows with excess skin on the upper eyelid.
Lines between the eyebrows.

The pre-operative

The extent and importance of the preoperative assessment will be decided during the preoperative consultation. Taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs and vitamin E will be contraindicated 10 days before the operation.

The type of anesthesia for a forehead lift

The procedure can be performed either under local anesthesia with painkillers (neurolepto analgesia) or under anesthesia general.

How does the forehead lift take place?

4 to 6 small incisions will be made in the hair or at the hairline of 1a2 cm each .One of them will allow the passage of an endoscope connected to a mini video camera (thus making it possible to follow the surgical gestures on a television screen).The other incisions for the passage of special instruments.

In the case of a classic forehead lift: The incision will be hidden in the scalp, and will go from one ear to the other. we perform a detachment of the entire forehead and temples, eyebrow arches, and root of the nose.We will achieve a weakening of the inter eyebrow muscles responsible for the frown line, and of the frontal muscle responsible for horizontal wrinkles.The detachable tissues will be powered back on.

In the case of an endoscopic facelift from small incisions and maintained by deep fixations of which the mode varies according to the surgeons. In the case of a classic frontal lifting in the totality of the incision with ablation of a variable quantity of scalp according to the cases. At the end of the intervention a slightly compressive and modeling bandage is placed as well as an ice pack on the eyes.

What are the postoperative effects?

There is no real pain, except for a feeling of tension in the forehead and temples and some headaches relieved by minor analgesics. The postoperative course is mainly marked by:
Edema of the forehead and eyelids (swelling) and ecchymoses (bruises), the extent and duration of which varies from one patient to another.
The dressing is removed 24 hours after the intervention.
The hair is washed 48 hours after the intervention.
The staples are removed 15 days after the operation.
The return to social life can be conceived between 10 and 15 days after the intervention.
Some itching can be observed, they gradually disappear.


It is often necessary 3 to 4 months and even up to 6 months to obtain the final result .The intervention allows to obtain a significant rejuvenation of the upper part of the face, with lasting suppression of the sagging of the forehead, lifting of the eyebrows, and, attenuation of the wrinkles between the eyebrows and horizontal. The result is lasting.