|     Total Confirmed 1.145.829|     Total deaths 29.254|     People hospitalized 99|     Total tests 4.952.266|     Total doses vaccinated 14.827.155|     New cases 143|     New deaths 5|     New tests 4.058|    ***     More informations here     ***



We are pleased to open the pages of our guestbook for you. We invite you all to tell us about your impressions of your surgery stay with us.

Suzanna ( Norway ) Thursday 03 February 2022 16:27:23 wrote :

Wow what an experiance, i am already seeing the results and it's still early days. The Surgeon is a very talented man analysing my figure & then taking from all the places. The after care in the clinic is great aswell. I would definatly be going back next year. A massive thankyou to All Team

Caroline ( Finland ) Friday 12 November 2021 14:29:58 wrote :

This is an exceptional team from every point of view. The surgeon is highly skilled, the clinic clean with efficient and friendly staff and Tunisie Esthetic are on hand at every moment. Very reassuring. I can't recommend them enough.

Rachel ( United Kingdom ) Monday 06 September 2021 09:18:29 wrote :

I had my surgery back in May and i think the results are great. When i arrived at Tunisia i was picked up and taken straight to the clinic as my op was booked for the next day. Everything went great, although i did have an alergic reaction to the anesthetic which made my eyes feel like they were burning out of thier sockets, but the nurses were very kind and brought me cold pads to put on them and lots of eye drops. The clinic was very clean and hygenic. I went on my own but would advise that you take someone with you, it must have been a quite time at the clinic as there wasn't very many people at the hotel, although i did meet someone from the same town as me when i came out of theatre. If you have any doubts about going to Tunisia for surgery, forget them now. I have wanted breast implants for years and thought i would never be able to afford them until i came across this sit

Dany ( Netherlands ) Tuesday 10 August 2021 13:38:10 wrote :

Excellent service 10/10... Just arrived home on sat nite,glad Tunisie Esthetic was recommended to me..I cant say anything that hasnt already been said, just a big big thank you to M... & the team...

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