Hip Dislocation Therapy

Hip dislocation in Tunisia

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hip dislocation treatment in tunisia price cheap priceIn a hip dislocation, the head of the hip joint is outside the acetabulum. A distinction is made between congenital and traumatic dislocation of the hip.

Congenital hip dislocation

Congenital hip dislocation is a serious form of hip dysplasia. Either the newborn is born with a dislocated hip or hip dysplasia causes the hip to dislocate after birth.

Traumatic hip dislocation

Traumatic hip dislocations are rather rare because the hip joint is stabilized by strong ligaments and muscles. A dislocation of the hip therefore only occurs if the hip is subjected to strong violence, for example during a sports accident or a traffic accident.
A special form is the so-called central hip dislocation. The hip joint socket breaks and the joint head is pulled through the socket into the pelvis.

Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia

Typical symptoms of a dislocated hip are very severe pain in the hip. The leg can no longer be moved or straightened and is usually bent. For diagnosis, the doctor takes an X-ray or uses other imaging methods.

Hip dislocation treatment

Treatment should be done quickly in the event of hip dislocation to avoid damage to surrounding tissue. Hip repositioning should generally be performed under general anesthesia, as realignment would not be possible without anesthesia due to strong muscles and high pain potential.
If there are other fractures, treatment usually requires surgery.