Claw toe surgery

Claw toe


claw toe tunisia price cheap priceThis is a progressive deformation of one or more toes that can lead to stiffening of the toe.

Clinical manifestations

The main discomfort is at the level of the first joint of the toe that goes in in conflict with the shoe, causing pain and sometimes infected wounds of the skin tissue. X-rays of the foot make it possible to analyze the extent of the deformation, the dislocated character or not of the joints, and the overall morphology of the foot .

Medical treatment

Medical treatment for claw toe includes the performance of orthosis thermomoulded by the podiatrist. These orthoses can improve the quality of walking and reduce pain due to friction against the shoe.

Surgical treatment

In case of significant discomfort and not improved by medical treatment, surgical correction can be performed. The correction will be made according to the origin of the claw. Several surgical options are possible, such as osteotomy of the metatarsal, joint arthoplastic resection (see X-ray below) or tendon lengthening.