Penoplasty - Penis Enlargement

Penoplasty - Penis enlargement in Tunisia

The Principle of Penoplasty

Penoplasty is performed by a plastic surgeon and consists of penis enlargement surgery and penile augmentation. For a penoplasty, the surgery can lead to penis lengthening and enlargement.

What is the normal penis size?

We cannot speak of normal penis size, but rather of usual size. When erect, the average penis size is 15 cm, and the peak frequency is between 13 and 18 cm. At rest, the size is very variable. The diameter and size of the penis can change a lot between the flaccid state (at rest) and erection. Many men are embarrassed by the size of their penis (locker room syndrome) but few manage to express their embarrassment. Several tens of thousands of searches concerning the size and the enlargement of the penis would be made every month on the internet. For any intimate surgery, it is important to be able to talk confidently and calmly about this discomfort with a specialist.

How to enlarge the penis by penoplasty?

Currently the most reliable technique of penoplasty to enlarge the penis is to inject the patient's own fat (lipofilling). It is a reliable and safe technique. On the other hand, silicone injections directly into the penis (practiced in certain South American countries) can cause serious complications. Lipofilling can be associated at the same time with liposuction, at the place where the fat is removed (belly or pubis for example), if the patient wishes. Penis enlargement is done from the patient's own fat. Penoplasty also allows lengthening of the penis.

How long can you lengthen with penis surgery?

Lengthening penoplasty can be performed by cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis. This operation of the penis can be carried out during the same intervention as a lipofilling. The lengthening obtained by penis surgery can be 2 to 4 cm depending on the patients and the healing.

Does penis enlargement improve sexual performance?

The quality and duration of an erection vary depending on many factors, some of which are psychological and others physical. The quality of a sexual relationship cannot be reduced to a diameter of the penis. But being complexed by the size of the penis can be a psychological blocking factor inhibiting erection. Penis enlargement surgery helps improve a man's self-image but does not in itself improve erection. One of the criteria to be checked before after penoplasty is the sexual satisfaction of the operation of the penis.

Is penoplasty painful?

Penoplasty is generally a painless procedure. Appropriate analgesics are prescribed. The operation of the penis takes place under general anesthesia and you do not feel anything during the intervention.

Length of stay at the clinic for a penis operation?

For a penis operation: Outpatient (in the morning, out in the evening) or 1 night.

What scar for lipofilling of the penis by penoplasty?

There is no scar for lipofilling of the penis apart from micro-incisions to introduce the 1mm cannula. The operation of the penis for pure penile augmentation therefore leaves very little scarring.

How long after penis lipofilling in Tunisia can you have sexual intercourse?

It is recommended to wait one month after lipofilling before having sexual intercourse, so as not to traumatize the fat graft.

Are several sessions always necessary for a penoplasty?

No. The fat graft can take completely or partially. In general, there is a part of fat resorption. 3 out of 4 times, however, a single session is sufficient for lifelong results.