Breast reduction

Reduction - enlargement - of the breasts

What is the principle of breast enlargement?

Tunisia breast reduction price cheap priceThe procedure consists of removing excess skin and mammary gland which reduces the volume of the breasts, raises them and improves their shape. This intervention gives a younger breast and improves the silhouette.

Is there a scar?

Yes, there will be a scar placed around the areola and extending onto the breast in the shape of a sea anchor (scar in the shape of an inverted "T"). For moderate reductions, the scars may be shorter. The position and length of the scars will be specified to you by Dr. Franchi after an examination of your breast. The breast contains a large amount of fat and in some cases it is possible to reduce the size of the breasts by simple liposuction; in this case, there is no visible scar.

Which anesthesia?

Anesthesia is general.

How long should we stay at the clinic?

Two nights.

When will professional activities resume?

One to five days. However, your recovery time depends on the type of procedure performed and your body's natural ability to recover.

Do you feel pain after the procedure?

Pain is usually minimal and easily relieved with painkillers.

When can you take the first shower after the procedure?

A shower is recommended the day after the procedure.

Should I wear a bra after the procedure?

Yes, a non-wired bra for the first month, then all types of bras are allowed.

Should we stop sport?

Stopping upper body sports is recommended for one month. It is also not recommended to carry heavy loads for the same duration. "If it hurts, I don't do it".

Should the breasts be massaged or creams applied after the procedure?

A cream to facilitate healing will be prescribed. A moisturizer is also recommended in the days following the procedure. No massage should be performed during the first month.

Should we quit smoking before and after?

Smoking can increase the risk of respiratory tract infection and may reduce the rate of healing. Smoking can also increase your risk of having an infection in the operated areas. If you smoke, we will ask you to stop smoking in the weeks before and after your procedure.

In conclusion

Breast reduction (or "mammaplasty of reduction”) is a widely used procedure that can reduce back pain, improve a woman's appearance and help build her confidence. Most women agree that the intervention had a very positive impact on their lives.