Vaginoplasty - Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The aesthetic or rather functional demand for vaginal tightening mainly comes from the young woman complaining of a vulvo-vaginal sheath that is too wide. This impression comes from his own sensitivity, elsewhere it may have been conveyed to him by his partner. In other cases, it is a woman of more advanced age who has had several children who expresses such a complaint. Anatomically, there is a weakness of the muscles of the perineum, a retreat of the fork of the vulva, that is, a retreat of the opening of the vulva towards the anus. The treatment of the vaginal incompetence can vary according to age and the importance of the anatomical abnormalities

Treatment by lipofilling or "soft" vaginoplasty

These anomalies would be limited, lipofilling may be sufficient, especially in young women. Either a fat implant will be taken from a donor region and then injected under the tunics of the vaginal sheath. It is therefore a perfectly tolerated self-implant which is likely to provide very clear satisfaction. In some cases, a second injection may be necessary due to partial resorption of the previously injected fat. such a method is therefore particularly elegant and with minimal risks, requiring only a few hours of clinical work, under local anesthesia or more comfortably under general sedation.

Surgical vaginoperineoplasty

When the anatomical abnormalities are more important, it is necessary to carry out a repair of the perineum by tightening the muscles supporting the vagina (the levator muscles) in addition to the excision of the vulvo-vaginal mucocutaneous excess. To reconstitute only the vestibule or the vulva without the perineal muscular time would be erroneous and frankly insufficient. Also inquire about possible urinary leakage to be considered possibly during the same operation. Hospitalization necessary, under local anesthesia or better under loco-regional or general anesthesia or under epidural. Resumption of sport and sexual activity at the 6 week issue.

Vulvoplasty - Vaginal enlargement

May be necessary in young women with no history of pregnancy, dyspareunia, for whom intercourse is particularly painful during intromission. Such a picture can suggest the installation of a frigidity. Note that an infiltration of the perineal muscles with botulinum toxin can remedy this situation. The operation consists, depending on the case, of performing a weakening of the muscles of the perineum and performing a skin plastic surgery widening the vulva. Peridural or general anesthesia desired. In the following, possible prescription of vulvo-vaginal self-dilations.