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Testimonials from patients who have lived the experience with Tunisie Esthetic
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Wow what an experiance, i am already seeing the results and it's still early days. The Surgeon is a very talented man analysing my figure & then taking from all the places. The after care in the clinic is great aswell. I would definatly be going back next year. A massive thankyou to All Team

Suzanna ( Norway )

Thursday 03 February 2022 See more

This is an exceptional team from every point of view. The surgeon is highly skilled, the clinic clean with efficient and friendly staff and Tunisie Esthetic are on hand at every moment. Very reassuring. I can't recommend them enough.

Caroline ( Finland )

Friday 12 November 2021 See more

The beginnings, a mixture of anxiety and fear, a foreign country, everything is unknown. Today I took the plunge and sincerely I do not regret my "medical" trip in any way. The Tunisie Esthetic team, accompanies you throughout your project, very patient, very kind, a real care, then a thousand thanks to the surgeon who is really competent, endowed with great humanity...

Laura ( Ireland )

Thursday 14 October 2021 See more

I had my surgery back in May and i think the results are great. When i arrived at Tunisia i was picked up and taken straight to the clinic as my op was booked for the next day. Everything went great, although i did have an alergic reaction to the anesthetic which made my eyes feel like they were burning out of thier sockets, but the nurses were very kind and brought me cold pads to put on them and lots of eye drops...

Rachel ( United Kingdom )

Monday 06 September 2021 See more

Excellent service 10/10... Just arrived home on sat nite,glad Tunisie Esthetic was recommended to me..I cant say anything that hasnt already been said, just a big big thank you to M... & the team...

Dany ( Netherlands )

Tuesday 10 August 2021 See more

A massive thank you to everyone at Tunisie Esthetic who made it so easy for me to come and have my surgery in Tunisia. They are very caring, organised and professional throughout! Did an amazing job on me and My breasts look great and I would definitely come back to you for more treatment if needed! Surgeon Ghedira has very good knowledge about all procedures and is very talented!...

Veronica ( England )

Saturday 31 July 2021 See more

Already eight months I came to see you in Tunisia for a sleeve gastrectomy. I see the results improve every day and I am very happy. Thanks to Dr. ... who did a great job and has provided me all the advice I needed. Many thanks you and goodbye.

Mike ( United Kingdom )

Thursday 29 July 2021 See more

I was recommended Tunisie Esthetic for breast enlargement by a friend who had surgery earlier in the year. After my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone considering surgery. I decided to travel on my own and welcomed the break!

Sarrah ( Iceland )

Friday 21 May 2021 See more

I had my tummy tuck 18 months ago with Tunisie Esthetic and i cannot have asked for anything better,it was the best thing ive ever done! and the surgeon and staff at Tunisie Esthetic were amazing. after having 5 children i never thought i could ever have a flat tummy but i have,so thank you Tunisie Esthetic x

Jane ( United Kingdom )

Thursday 13 May 2021 See more

Dr ... thanks for the quality of your care and kindness. I am very happy with the result and I feel relieved of a heavy complex I was hanging for so long. Many thanks again.

Jean ( Nigeria )

Monday 22 February 2021 See more

On the occasion of my vacation in Tunisia in May 2020 I had the idea of contacting Tunisie Esthetic for teeth whitening. Tunisie Esthetic arranged everything in a professional manner. I thank Dr ... I am super happy with the result and I think to come back for more dental care. Regards.

Mike ( Germany )

Friday 09 October 2020 See more

I had my breasts enlarged in June 2020, i allways recomend people to use Tunisie Esthetic as it is a brilliant service, the staff are amazing!! they make you feel like you are part of the family, i love my results so a massive thanks to All Team

Emily ( United Kingdom )

Wednesday 23 September 2020 See more

I was very hesitant to come to Tunisia but now I am very happy to have taken the plunge because the result is great and the savings are quite significant. I would not hesitate to recommend your agency to anyone I know. Thank you to Dr. ... and the whole team Tunisie Esthetic, you are true pros; Carry on

Joanne ( United Kingdom )

Wednesday 12 August 2020 See more

I want to thank the professionalism and quality of care provided by DR ... I'm very happy with the result and the money I saved. Thank you to all the team of Tunisie Esthetic for the good service. Congratulations Tunisie Esthetic

Carol ( Denmark )

Monday 02 March 2020 See more

It's been two weeks since I had my op and I'm more than happy to recommend Tunisie Esthetic.

Tracey ( Sweden )

Friday 12 July 2019 See more

Had my op April 06, well what can i say its the best thing i've ever done NO regrets!! I travelled on my own but fortunate for me i met a group of wonderful people also from UK & we helped each other. (best to go with someone if your having lipo) otherwise ask if any other english people will around at the same time as you. Tunisie Esthetic were wonderful

Kate ( United Kingdom )

Tuesday 25 June 2019 See more

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