Temporal lift

Temporal lift

Who is it for?

The tempon lift or temporalis for patients with a drooping eyebrow tail, causing excess skin on the outer part of the upper eyelid.

What is a temporal lift?

temporal facelift tempon tunisia price cheap priceThrough a small incision, made in the hair, the forehead and temples are lifted, and the tail of the eyebrow is raised, which will be maintained in its new position by means of a deep fixation. Do not try to correct positional asymmetry that exists in virtually all patients but maintain good anatomical proportions.

The pre-operative

During the consultation, the extent of the assessment to be carried out will be decided. aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs will be contraindicated 10 days before the procedure.

Type of anesthesia

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with injection of painkillers (neurolepto-analgesia) or under general anesthesia.

How is it going?

A small incision of 5 cm is made in the hair or at the hairline, depending on the height of the forehead. By this incision the forehead and the temples are completely off, which will make it possible to raise the tail of the eyebrow through the incision and it will be maintained in its position by a fixation on the deep planes. In the case where it There are “lion” wrinkles (intersourcilieres wrinkles) we can make a small central incision at the edge of the hair and introduce a mini camera there which will allow visualization and weaken the inter-eyebrow muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles. If necessary At this time, the upper and lower eyelids will be corrected (blepharoplasty) A small suction drain is placed in the detached area. /p>

What are the surgical consequences of the temporal lift?

The post operative pain is not very important mainly has type of cephalgia and calmed by minor analgesics.
Oedemas (swelling) and bruises mainly on the eyelids and temples will disappear within 8 to 10 days.
The dressing and the drain are removed the day after the operation.
The hair is washed 48 hours after the procedure.
The return to social life can be envisaged between 8 to 10 days after the intervention.
Points are withdrawn for papers 3 days after surgery and for the rest 10 days after.


The result regarding the eyebrows appears as soon as the bandage is removed. But the final result can only be seen after 3 to 4 months after the intervention.
As regards the eyelids, it is necessary to wait 1 month after the intervention after the complete disappearance of the oedemas.